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lowered cherokee


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Portland Oregon
I thining of making my driver, 1992 XJ, into a 2wd and placing a stroker motor/ with a supercharger in it for some street fun. Any input about doing this. I'm looking for a strights axle to replace my front D-30. I understand the motor should out an estimated 340hp and 440 ft lbs of torque(This is coming from the motor builder). If I change the rear gears it could possibly be a 13 second car. Has anyone lowered a cheroke down before and put 20" wheels on it?

Dont get me wrong guys my MJ has a 6" lift with 33" tires, I just like to be different and blowing the doors off some inports sound like fun to me.

what do yall think?
Sounds like a fun project. Too bad you're on the opposite side of the country, I have two 2WD MJs here and I'd happily swap a straight axle for a 4WD front axle.
do it!
xj guy
I went to your website, cool.
Pictures of motor?
Whats size wheels?
Do you have independent front suspension?
No indy suspension. Though that would be ideal in my case. I had pics of the engine but a virus on my PC did away with many of my photos some time ago.

Say Rich, what's the Warrior's status these days? Ever get her moving under her own power?

You KNOW we're all dying to see it run - you've been at it since the good old days of xj.jeep.org (at least, that's how long I've been following the project)...

to lower the rear don't ya think ya could use a YJ rear end that is sprung under but use the XJ's springs? or just weld new mounts to the bottom of your xj's dana 35? i've been pondering lowering my XJ for years now but the most i ever did was lower the front maybe 2.5" by cutting the springs, i did'nt like the way it handled so i got new stock springs and its at stock height again. I would love to have a street sleeper XJ and a mudder XJ, i just never took the street XJ to seriously except for some bolt on performance stuff and a decent amount of weight reduction. I'd be nice to see someone finally do this and finish it.

I'm not sure how well this would work but I know they make lowering springs for ZJ's so you could possibly use those. Or you can simply chop them off. The rear is another story. As I see it you have 3 choices:

1. buy new custom lowered spring packs
2. remove a leaf or two to lower the stock pack
3. airbags baby!

I would be willing to bet that you can find someone on this board that would glady exchange your D30 for a 2wd front axle. However wouldn't it be more fun to put an NP242 in it for full time 4wheel so you can mash the skinny pedal all you want? Top speed might suffer from the AWD but your off the line times will be awesome.

one last thought... with that much power you should have a limited slip and a ladder bar to prevent wheel hop.

With this combo I would put you in the low 13's high 12's.
Rob, the Warrior once my sole money abyss is currently in storage so that I may tend to PUV and Snowyte, once I get those two things rolling on thei own I will resume the completion of the Warrior. I look forward to the day of showing up at an NAXJA event with both of them, one towing the other.

I can't believe you are going to mess up an XJ by lowering it.WTF:rolleyes:
fire325 said:
I can't believe you are going to mess up an XJ by lowering it.WTF:rolleyes:

There is no way in lleH that I would lower my XJ.


However, I must admit that with the right set of wheels, The clean, crisp lines of the XJ, especially the pre '97 two door would look bitchin. It would have dark tint, stock flairs(paint to match body) and say maybe a really deep, dark orange paint. No graphics though. Just clean and simple.
I don't think I would go as far a say twice pipes and a 6" dia. chain steering wheel though.
I've got it! Panel the two door Yae, that would just about do it. Keep the skid plates, may need them.

Keep in mind though, If caught with any of that there NEON glowing from ANYWHERE I would be required to surrender the vehicle on site. I'm safe, I NEVER go overboard with anything I do