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lower rear shock mounts

I cut mine off of the axle, cut a new radius in the bracket and welded them back on so that nothing hangs below the axle at all anymore. Perhaps the best mod. ever! Those land anchors were killing me! And for welding on the axle tube, just take your time and weld a little bit at a time. Do like a one inch bead at a time and then move to a different spot and then come back.
Important dumb note here.....leave room for your u-bolts, because I didn't. I tried to put them as far outboard as possible as to not have to buy shorter shocks. Neglected that the u-bolts needed to be reinstalled. Hadda grind and reweld on. So shorter shocks are probably a good idea as well.
Ditto on both comments..... :)
I have a write up on my site in the how to section that will help you with diagrams and pictures etc.
I did this mod some time back, and it is GREAT! I guess it was a matter of do it, or let it break completely off. The lower factory mounts are really in a bad position. I incourage everyone to do this modification when they can. It is very easy, and very inexspensive. I will post pictures soon.....