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locked and long armed xj


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Hyrum, Utah
i have a 1988 jeep that is in great shape. it has 158k on the motor. i just built a long arm kit with creeper joints. custom cross member to mount the long arms. Rubicon express coils that are new and spacer, full alcon leafs in the rear, this think flexes good. i have a lot in to this jeep. i swapped out a Dana 30 with custom diff cover and welded tubes from a 98 and i also got the 8.25 as well. i don't want to sale this jeep but i will be getting a newer jeep soon and i just cannot decide if i want to swap all this stuff of of this to the new one.
thanks for looking.

here is a link for the pics.
How much lift are you running on it? What height coils and how much spacer? What about rear leafs, all leaf or leaf/ shackle or blocks? How are they lifted to the height that you have? Just some questions that people might want to know.
i have in the front new 7.5 Rubicon express coils, with a two inch puck. so the front is 9.5. in the rear is a full alcon leaf spring no block, i just built the long arms so now it rides dang good for how much lift it has. the only think i would change on it is the steering it shimmy and shacks when you first start out but when you hit about 5 mph it goes away. here are som pics of it.



ya i did lose some clearance when i made them but that is why i made them strong to take a good hit. they really don't hang down all that much in person. but thanks for your in put on selling it. now remember people this is the classified section not a chit chat section. now some one come and pick this up make offer.
I clicked on your ksl link, but no luck. You mention its locked. What lockers does it have? I may be interested.
it is just welded in the rear. i did not have the money when i put the axle in so i had it just welded. i was planning on putting a locker in but it never happened
new price $2,000.00 need to try to have this gone by this Friday so i do not have to borrow so much for my new one. now come and buy it some one.