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Limits of TRE in stock steering set-up with 6.5 inches of lift?


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Phoenix, AZ
I have a 99 xj with 6.5 inches of lift and stock steering set-up.
What are the limits of the stock TRE? What is their operational range (degrees of travel)? I have 3 more inches of down-travel available on my shocks but the RE HD track bar binds at the axle mount so before I modify the mount I need to find out if the stock steering will accomidate this much travel.

Thanks in advance for your help. :repair:
I suspect they will handle it. the limit will be shock length and brake line length. I notched the track bar bracket. only about an 1/8th of an inch. made a world of difference. in fact so much i added limting straps to keep the springs in. (after longer shocks and brake lines) I have no binding on the tre's. It RTI's 980. Just finished cutting out the rear wells, so when done should stuff better.

01XJ 8inch lift on 35's D-44's 4.88's w/detroits.
mine binded at 6.5" when flexed, it took out the TRE at the pitman arm. I put a zj pitman on to give it enough room to travel before bottoming. It is still only a temp fix. One other thing to look at is at a certain point in turning right and flexing the passenger side tire up your TRE at the Draglink will hit the lower swaybar mount.