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lengthening the xj wheelbase a few inches?


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i was thinking about trying to lengthen the wheelbase on my xj 3-4" or so for better climbing ability. while i like the 101" wheelbase more than the shorter tj wheelbase, i thought a few extra inches couldn't hurt. has anyone ever tried this? can it be done without hacking up the back end of an xj? i saw a pic in an old JP article that said some guy's xj, (with the back chopped off behind the rear set of doors, if that matters), had like a 106" wheelbase and from the pic it didn't look like he chopped up much of the rear quarter panel, if any. though i will admit it was kinda hard to tell from the angle of the pic, it looked as though he left the rear quarter panel relatively intact.

searched a little on this topic but didn't find anything in the first 4 pages. maybe this isn't even a worthwhile idea, just a thought i was tossing around. feel free to condemn me to he!! if this is a dumb idea.
my front axle will be 1" forward of stock when i move the axle mounts up...

trimming of the front fender wont be too bad on my pre 96 with the washer bottle not in the way...
what size tires are you gonna run opie
Ramsey said:
what size tires are you gonna run opie

33's are in the side yard as street tires, saving the cash for the 35" MTR's... maybe someday 37's...
i didnt think it would work, but i guess i'm wrong. massively trimmed front fenders and my 33's still did rub on the piece that hangs down on the inside, although a bfh has helped to open up the inner fender quite a bit.
nice Hi-jack job..

The gas tank will be your big problem.. I have heard of different leaf spring configurations to get a few more inches, but I think with the long side up front axle wrap gets worse. also, they rear quarter behind the wheel wells need to be trimmed/removed. If you do a search for rear wheel well trim or the like, there is a guy here that cut the rear lower section of the quarter off.. w/pics.. to get an idea. to get 5-6 inches of WB, you would have to move both axles I think, moving the rear the full amount would give you problems with the frame set up..
Get an MJ for the trails... They have a much longer WB..