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Leaking cooling system. My 14mo old helped out


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That awsome!!!

Thats going to be my lil girl in a few months. She loves my XJ and loves to wheel also.
Dude dustin that is a great pic.... I still say its more fun to take off the entire grill :hang:.... in all fairness I had to do that anyway, and in your case it did help get at the fans
Uh..my Porsche battery is in the passenger compartment (from the factory) and there are no problems.

Well, go for it then, ive just always heard batterys in the vehicle need to be vented. All of the 1/4 mile street cars i see have vented battery boxes. I'm no expert it's just what i've heard. I also understand that optimas dont need to be vented???
IMO better safe than... :looney: :spin3: :puke:
I always here that too, but I also know that "back in the day" battery cases were porous, which is why you couldn't leave them on concrete, and that isn't the case these days.

I just can't see how Porsche could put the battery in the passenger compartment if it was a problem, but we're digressing from my question....

Would relocating the battery to the rear make enough of a difference in this application to matter?

I've has horrid experience with Optima batteries btw. Both XJ's have them and I'm forever having to jump start thing things. This wasn't the problem prior to the Optimas...
Trick with optima batteries. sometimes they need to be refreshed.

if you find one dead, trickle charge it for a day, then let sit for a day before using.
A battery is what, 40-50 lbs. max?
I guess it will help some, but so would running your washer fluid dry. It seems like a lot of work for not much improvement. Of course it would free up a lot of room under the hood, I would see that as the big benifit not the weight.