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Not that any of us non-wierd fresnans are aware of.

I used to be a member of kingsburg 4x4. Its not a bad drive to fresno, but im sure you know that.

Welcome anyways!
there's a xj'er that go's by 'rockin phil' who lives in reedley. they run the 'swamp lake trai'l with us. they just sold there house though and currently don't have the internet set-up.
Well just stuff in general for jeeps I think some time this upcoming months ill be buying a second jeep and possibly a third one by the end of the year so Im just looking for some good places to get stuff for them
oh but us wierd people do have internet connection.
on the contrary;cherokee vamp, dont get your hopes up about a local place to get some parts. unless you want stock parts.either that or try "pick a part" sometimes i see useful things there(bumpers, racks d44's and such things)by the way i have a 2 dr im highly thinkin about getting rid of. i bought as a second trail rig but never got around to building.