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Keep it quiet over there!!!!!


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Gardnerville, NV
Thanks for waking me up with the phone call. :flamemad: This was my first drunk-dialing experience on this side of the line :doh:

You guys have fun over there....I'm going to work now:(
dont worry stebel i got one too. however mine didnt ring and just went straight to voicemail. but i feel for ya.
im sitting up here knowin all those guys are over there (a few miles away) beating it up all day, i been hopin i would see a pack of XJs crusin around but not yet. I was thiknig about takin a ride over just to look at some of the jeeps.

Wish i was farther along with the jeep...... sometime this year for sure.
I hear a drunk call got out drunk called by the drunks at the other end. :looser:


Too bad they couldn't even figure out who they were talking to :flame:

Too bad.............we were dieing laughing at our end. :cheers: