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Just went red


Three-De Off-Road
Nashville, TN
Hey y'all...I have access to the Members section of the site, so I guess my paypal went through.

Count one more SEC guy towards the March Membership Drive!
Congrats man!
Sweetness!!!!!! :D
Anyone know how the SEC is faring in the March Membership Drive??
Anyone know how the SEC is faring in the March Membership Drive??

lobsterdmb said:
6 Days Ago
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Re: March Membership Drive 2010


As of 3/15/10 we've had 36 new members join, and 50 renewals. We are only part of the ways to our goal so let's step it up!

The Chapter contest standings:

North Atlantic - 21
Mid West - 15
Sierra - 11
So Cal - 9
Inter Mountain - 9
South East - 8
Colorado - 5
Red River - 3
Arizona - 3
North West - 2
Wish I knew more guys with XJ's...... First I have to convince them to invest in an XJ...then join up. If I could just bypass step 1 this would be alot easier......
Red is a good color :)
More red! :cheers:
Welcome to the addiction.
Excellent guys!
alright, after months of lurking, then a post or two..........i've finally bitten the bullet. red is such a good color. can't wait for the stickers! i will see those of you who are going at the spring m&g.:party:
Nice! One more and we are in double digits for the SEC. Hope to have my NAXJA sticker in the mail before next week's M & G also...