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Jeep's Concept Cars

Which of Jeep's Concepts do you think should be added to Jeep's lineup?

  • Commander

    Votes: 34 29.6%
  • Ecco

    Votes: 3 2.6%
  • Jeepster

    Votes: 26 22.6%
  • Journey

    Votes: 8 7.0%
  • Icon

    Votes: 18 15.7%
  • Willys

    Votes: 58 50.4%

  • Total voters


NAXJA Forum User
Here is a link to a page w/ jeep's concept cars.. how does everybody feel about them ... which one is the best to you? I kinda like the Commander, Jeepster, Journey and Varsity... the Journey looks alot like the Grand Cherokee and sum of the others look like the Wrangler but the some have a totally new look

There are 8 but i could only put 6 so i put the 6 that look the most different from each other
I didn't vote 'cause I only like the Dakkar,and it wasn't included in the poll. The rest are just IRS & IFS "cute utes" to me :D Even the Grand derived Journey appears to be IFS. The Icon looks pretty cool,as does the Jeepster. But I have to question the vehicles' off road prowess. But that's just me. They *could* be great offroad,who knows? :moon:
I fully dig the Icon, used to look a little more hard edged from what I remember though.
From the road test I read in auto week a couple of years ago that thing, the jeepster, is a corvette eater with it's adjustable suspension. The tester thought it was downright scary that somthing like that could climb over rocks by day and eat vettes at nite. The pic on that page has it about halfway to it's full 18" lift IIRC.
yeah I left out the dakkar and the varsity... the dakkar looks pretty much like a wrangler upgrade and the varsity looks like the other "cute uttes"
Hey, I already OWN and ICON. I got it for 25 bucks at Radio Shack...
DrMoab said:
Where is the Rescue in your poll??? Thats the ONLy one they should build.
I agree with that. The rescue is the sh*t.

Maybe the Jeepster, just cause it would be cool to have a fast Jeep out on the road.?

We do have the SRT-8 Grand.