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Jeep names?


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Ok with all the gay threads coming up, I thought i'd start a new one. Do you name your jeeps? and there names? :wave:
My Cherokee=Tater Tot
My Grand Wagoneer=Tater Salad
mines nick name is heep but some times various other words and phrases come to mind... depends on how it's running and what i'm working on or tearing up.... lol
My sons buddies call it the "Flying Brick", because of the color and the aerodynamics. I call it beach, or some of a beach (I have an accent). Made a new noise for the first time today, sounded like a spun bearing, but only lasted for a second.
8Mud said:
Made a new noise for the first time today, sounded like a spun bearing, but only lasted for a second.
yeah that's the only reason i've got a stereo in mine, so i can turn it up and drown out the noises :laugh3:
i call mine (insert expletive) when its broken or not doing what i want it to do.
and (proudly) "yeah thats my jeep" when she is being good.
umm gay it is...on that note however when i bought my jeep aKa "little lady" the GF of the time (now x-gf) decided that she "looked" like a Juliet(?), so when i'm not mad or i'm among friends she is juliet.otherwise its a long string of explisitives like today when the nss broke during my tranny swap...not good set me back almost 25 hours..and thats pending i can find one at the yard in the morning..
Heep all the way for my beater.
I call it kotex it ain't the best thing in the world, but it's right next to it.
Ok... Since I've never had a vehicle without a name (and, if I sold it, I told the buyer what its name was...) all four of our "kids" have names. Two boys and two girls - here we go -

1987 XJ Pioneer 4.0/AW4/231/D30/D35 (3.55) (270K) - Clyde. Originally named for the camel from Ray Stevens' "Ahab the Arab" - "'cause there's nothing that can keep up with Clyde once he got started." I used to race my boss in it while he was driving his 30th Ann. Camaro.

1988 XJ Laredo 4.0/BA-10/231/D30/D35 (3.07) (242K) - Beck. Short for 'Beckwith' - as in COL Charles A. Beckwith, USA (ret.) An old warhorse, he keeps going no matter what you throw at him. Ugly, nasty, and as reliable as I like 'em.

1989 XJ Limited 4.0/AW4/242/D30/D35 (3.55) (188K) - Bonnie. My wife's DD, she misunderstood the intent behind "Clyde" and thought "Clyde Barrow," therefore this is short for "Bonnie Parker." (Yes, I married a borderline outlaw. Keeps things interesting...)

1989 XJ Laredo 4.0/AW4/231/D30/D35 (3.55) (190K) - Rizz. Short for Rizzo - our remembrance for our favourite pet rat.

We got them in this order - Clyde (from a guy I used to work for,) then Bonnie (for my wife,) Beck (because Clyde got promoted to "project truck" after an oil pump failure) and then Rizz (someone to take up the slack while I work on Bonnie and Beck to cure some "rashes" that are coming up. Partial resto stuff.)

I've often though that vehicles can and do display distinct personality traits, and therefore are worthy of naming. If that's a problem, ask COL Paul Tibbetts about the "Enola Gay" (the B-52 he named for his mother...)

"U ne ga Cha la gi"
That is a North American Indian name. "White Cherokee" In guess what Indian language ? Cherokee
Kinda sounds Racist when you say it, but it was different. I don't actually call it that. That is my Car Domain Nickname.
My '97 XJ is called Gamara because it once turned turtle.

My '87 MJ is called Brown Betty because its, well, brown.

My wife's '01 XJ is called Baby Jeep because its the smallest in the fleet.

My '89 MJ doesn't really have a name, we just refer to it as Ugly Truck for obvious reasons.

My '97 Suburban is known as The Bus.

Oh, and my boat is named the HydroJen.
We dont get to name our own around here.We are at the mercy of what our friends name our rigs.I'm the one who named JohnJohn's "the Pickle".He pretty much gets credit for naming my old rig "Smurf" because of the blue camo paint.My new Xj doesn't have a name yet.
One of my firends named it "White Rhino" after I slid sideways for about 2-300 fee, got it starightened out, and then it pulled into a guardrail on the wronf side of the road. The only damage was a very small nick on my font wheel. Appartenly he then diecided my jeep ws invincible cause that was all theat happened to it, but he just about shat his pants when we started sliding as I said calmly "Guess what? I can't stop, and we're sideways".