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Jeep fuel system questions


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Effort, Pa
Our 89 YJ needs some things done to it. First it has started idleing kind of poorly so we started looking around. Found the cap to the fuel cannister for the vapor recycling missing and two of the vac lines broken off the cannister. Dealer wants $77 for that can. Looks the same as the one in my 98XJ and in our 81 caddy. Are there differences in those cannisters ?? Can I hit any bone yard, pick one with the correct number of nipples and swap it in ???
Yes, you should be able to swap the canisters to accomplish the same function (cleaned fuel tank and carb float bowl vent).

The emissions inspection may throw a wet towel into the solution, so I would ask your local inspection Technician.
Thanks, no sniffers here in NE PA, at least in our counties. What do those cannisters do anway ?? Never replaced one or had one go bad that I know of but I do know they are tied into the vacumn system which I figure is why it's stalling now on corners and when coming to a stop.