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It's all coming.....

Ordered everything i need to complete the xj

36x12.5 TSL/SX Swampers :D

4.56 gears for the D30

Tom woods AA HD SYE and d/s

Tech1 Rims

Lock-rite for the 8.8

After everything is installed and checks out ok, I can start on my steering, and hopefully have it done for NAC-fest, we'll see.

Ben,it sounds good.My XJ is going thru major changes also,ya know,bigger,better,stronger...cha ching!!Hope to see ya on the trails soon.
I hope to be ready by April.I am still waiting for my BOR springs to come in.The HP44 for he front should be done in a couple of weeks.Then I have to hit the Lottery and get some new Swampers and beadlocks.
I ordered them about two weeks ago.He told me about a month.We'll see,I hope they are here in two weeks.I also still have to get gears for the front and rear,other than that I have everything else,I think!!You are going with 36's huh?I was thinking maybe 38's what do you think?Should be at least 8" lift and with the TJ flares I think I should have more than enuff room.????

Been a long time since those tires were new, also been too long since we've seen this rig on the trail. You going to come out next year?
Think you have a better chance of Elvis making NAC-Fest before this XJ.. it's been melted down to a Prius.

Well good point.

I really meant the tires he still has those and the 8.8 right?