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OK i worked on my heep today!! my girlfriends dad came over who is preety good with trucks!! and wel have to fricken trouqu converter bolted in and the wholes on the enigine all line up but the tranny still won't bolt up???????????? it is like less than an inch from gettin there???????????? THIS REALLLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! i think i am going to buy a yota they are ez to work on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

stoney :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
what do you mean: " the tourqe converter is bolted up" ??? the converter has to be in the transmission when you put the trans on to the engine.
Stoney that TC needs to be spun and rotated all the way on! You need to hold the output shaft and spin and push in the TC. The steel button thingy on the end of the TC needs to be flush with the mating surface of the bellhousing, if its not don't even try to put it in. If you allready have it bolted up you can try spinning the output shaft to slip it in but you would be doing it the hard way.

if you still have problems there may be a pilot bearing in the way or perhaps your flexplates are diffrent. Are you using a tranny jack? or just trying to hoist it up there? my floorjack with a 6x6 screwed on it worked great, I also used a ratchet strap all the way around it.

more on spinning the TC, you do this so the splines will engage on the tranny fluid pump.
well we got the tc in place but it was about an inch a way or so and the tc can slide on the shaft so we pushed the tc into the crank. it is still on the shaft. ok then we put pressure forwward on the trranny and spun the tc all the way around like four times, twice while the tranny in nurtal and twice in park. nothin. so now i don't understand what is holding from going back together? i think it might be a possiblity that i bent one of the tabs on the bell and maybe it doesn't want to line up?? but even then we put a lot of pressure and i heard that they always break so i don't kjnow if that is the case? the bell is very close to the block and all the wholes are lined up so i know there is something wrong with the bell and the tc??"? thanx for the help