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Is it worth the 250 bucks???


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I want an honest opinion on if this thing is worth the 250 bucks.


I want an honest opinion on if this thing is worth the 250 bucks.
there must be some reason it's gutted and being sold for 250, I wouldn't want to put it all back together to find out why
I spoke with the guy, and said he had been building it for a "jeep speed" project. I was just thinking of either taking the cage out and putting it in mine, or invest some money in it, and make it a trail rig.
DO your self a favor and pass it by and get a running COMPLETE XJ for 700-900 someplace else.
Ask him if the cage is fully welded. I looked at some of his pictures on RDC or CL (where ever I saw it) and it didn't look like he had done much other than set and tack them. That would make it easy to pull.
I would say pass. Throw that 250 in your piggy bank, scrape together a little more and then get a cage. Just my $.02.
lock your axles first with aussies...then work on the cage. the cage will be a lot more.
With the price of DOM these days, I say it definitely COULD be worth it, depending on your skill level, tools, motivation etc. I personally don't like the layout of the cross bracing but the rest of the cage looks like a great start to me.
Good luck
I was looking at that, I'd buy it if I had the money. it'd be worth it to me, I could cut out the cage install it in mine then take a sawsall to what was left. would probably net 50 bucks in scrap metal.
Tell 'em you'll haul it away for free.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the cage design. Is there a horizontal piece that goes from the A pillar to B pillar at the height of the window? And then a diagonal piece that goes from the bar at your head to the floor in the area of the front door? Are the front frame horns plated?