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Instrument cluster and ANY Air Intake

Maybe someone here has these two items. I am looking for the instrument cluster that has a tach and real gauges, with at least 140,000 miles, the 91-97 or thereabout fits I think. It needs to all work. Also, I want an air filter connector w/ the leg to bolt it and the ccv fitting, not necessarily to replace the whole rubber tube, just the connector that lets you install a conical filter. Just one of those cheaper connectors, not a full cold air intake tube, but I will be willing to buy any of these for the right price. Doesn't matter if you don't have the filter.

Its a 1995 XJ SE model, grey & black interior, 4.0 HO w/ ax-15 5spd, 4x4 if that matters. Thanks, hope you can help. :)
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I have an instrument cluster w/full gauges and a rusty's air tube for use with a K&N filter. let me know. dave
I have a cluster its out of a 94xj 4 door and it has 180,468 miles on it and can be yours for a low price of 30 plus shipping to wherever you are...
just pm me back or respond back here...
Thanks for your reply, I am interested but I am trying to find one close to my actual mileage. I may get back to you yet.

By the way thats a 92-96 model instrument cluster I am looking for

Also, driver's side bumper end cap, rough plastic, not the smooth one from earlier (or is it later?) years.

Thanks for your offers guys.