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Info on Monteagle ORV park???


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Hey I'm planning on doing some trail riding at this park, only problem is I don't know any thing about the place or who to contact in regards to where the park is located or how much if any fee is charged.

Someone please help. I've seen many pictures and read many stories but can't seem to find any hard info.
As far as I know there is not a park open to public in Monteagle...TOR and Middle Tenessee Trail Runners have argements with the local land owners to hold rides there but its invite only. Because of people just showing up and riding on land they rode on at tone of the ride we have 2 nice trails closed last year up there. If you want to ride is would be best to do it with TOR.
Thanks, I'm glad I found that out before I just showed up there looking like a dumb**s, asking the locals for info and dirrections.
Heather pretty much said it all. There is talk of buying land to open an OHV park in Monteagle but that may or may not ever happen. As it now, 99.9% of the trails in Monteagle are on privately owned land and they are closed to the public. If you want to ride in Monteagle you have to have permission, period. Almost half of the trails in Monteagle are now closed because people just show up and ride. I can arrange a ride up there any time if enough people are interested.