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Im about done with this XJ


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Nanticoke PA
unibody piece of crap , i've decided im sellin it and savin up some $ for a Jeep Wrangler , it would be soo much more worth it then this old beat up Cherokee , the only thing i like about it right now is i can fold my seats down and sleep in the back , but i guess i had it for long enough and got my $ outa it
Okay, is there something technical you wanted to talk about or is this post just used for venting?
From reading that it sounds as if some u-joints are in order for the front axle......what's the big deal?
I only recently started doing the mechanical work on my XJ. D30 u-joints, wheel bearing assemblies, drive chain in the 242, replaced the exhaust manifold (ok that was bad).

All of it is really simple straight forward stuff.

Frankly now that I know it I am more inclined to buy another XJ instead of having to learn something else.