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i think i have 4:10's


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just bought a 95 xj and compared to my 94 when at 55 it takes a few seconds to get up to 70 unlike my 94 that was like vroom. i think its geared with 4:10's and not 3:55 like my other. i know i can go to the dealer and find out but its closed and i was wonderign if it was an option that year. i know tha tsoem p[olice editions had them. its a d 35 btw. btw i love this thing. i jus tbought it last week. i will post a thread with pics later. and both are lifted 3" with 31"tires.

thanks all
In 1995 the 4-cylinder XJs had 4.10s, the 4.0L automatuics had 3.55s, and the 4.0L 5'speeds had 3.07s.

There were NO optional ratios.
Look on the rear cover bolts for a stamped tag... it'll have the gear ratio on there. If it's not there anymore, that cover comes off... spin the ring gear until you find a # stamped on there OR make a couple witness marks and count the teeth on both gears... divide the ring gear tooth count by the pinion gear tooth count and voila! Your ratio!

Add gear oil -and a bottle of limited slip additive if it's required (put that cover back on first) and be merry.

Sounds like the 95 is 'more tired' than the 94 was. Sometimes they get that way.
Or get both rear wheels off the ground. As you have a helper spin a tire exactly one revolution, get under and count how many times the driveshaft turns.

If the DS turns about 3.5 times, you have 3.55 gears. If the DS turns about 4 times, you have 4.10 gears...and so on.
i'm not following the pattern
i do nto think its that the 95 is more tired b/c it runs alot better than the 94. the engine runs very smoothly. i just noticed that it takes a few more seconds to get it when i am already at hwy speeds. but off the line or at lower speeds its amazing.

just thought or hoping they were 4:10's
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