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I swear officer I cant see the spedometer


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I recently installed (hammered in) a new Cd/mp3 player in my jeep. It wasnt expensive and had a lot of extra wiring. So it's cramed in there. So soon after this radio was installed. (by me) a non-profesional.

My backlights on the dash and the automatic shifter stoped working. Why??

Is it a fuse?
Did i accidently unplug a harness
Are the electrical gremlins angry?

Also turn signal indicators and high beam indicators DO Work normally!?

Just wanted to get so opinions before I pulled the dash apart again. I know the dash is easy to pull but this radio is really in there tight. I had to cut plasic in order to fit.

As always thanks for the advice you guys are normally right on.

Thanks Mark

Oh yea it's and 87' 4.0 auto 242 33's bfg,mud fender cutting out the wazoo 4 inch lift (to cheap to mention/working on that) Tj fenders homemade bumpers and Rhinolined sides. . . 216K miles
Sounds like you shorted out the fuse. I have done this on a stereo install, did you unhook the battery before you hooked it up? Maybe you touched the + to the body and shorted it out or you have a wire that is crossed, check your connections.

When i shorted mine out the High beam indicator and turn signal worked but dash lights, and tail lights didn't work.

Pull the fuse and see if that is all it is. If it is fried you might have to pull the radio and reconnect the wires. I have had the ground wire for the radio give me problems before. I usually just drill a hole and throw a self tapping sheet metal screw for my ground. But make sure you do not drill into any wires or things. (hrm.. what was that doing back there!?)

Most of all make sure you disconnect the battery first. It will save you on fuses, trust me :) while you are down there label the wires, like which speaker is which, battery + and ACC. Makes it 10 times easier when you want to install another stereo.

good luck with everything!
Damn sounds like you're having as much fun as I did when I installed my aftermarket radio. I got the thing all wired up and then when I turned on my radio the side lights also came on. As fun as that was I had to pull the dash apart once again and check all my wires to find the one that I had miss-wired. Good luck to you man! But hey, installing it in a Jeep is a heck of a lot easier than installing in a lot of other cars!

I have seen plenty of times where someone used the parking light feed as a ground wire for the radio, afterall it is a ground when the lights are off. I would check the park light fuse inside.