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I cried for twenty minutes....


NAXJA Forum User
Abilene, TX
...I laughed so hard. My face starting tingling. Maybe yall won't think it's quite that funny, but I sure did...

Ninja Boy
I accidently hit the link for the original taping, and i was thinking "so what?"....

then i noticed the star wars remix, clicked the link and just about pissed my pants.....

poor kid.
I must say I especially like the part "Since 90% of the traffic to these videos is coming from gaming, technology, and Star Wars news websites, I'm guessing that most of you weren't any cooler in junior high school than this poor kid. All you geeks, nerds, and dorks out there need to think twice before trashing one of your own."
Saw that on another Forum last Sunday, I had to keep playing it over and over. :D