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I broke the Grimmy...


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Gardena, CA
Ok, everyone keeps asking me what happened and why i'm crippled using a walker and a wheel chair to get around. so, rather than telling the same story over and over i'll just throw it all in this post so you jerks that care about me are all in the loop, lol.

a few weeks ago I had a badly infected tooth. so infected that it started moving from the tooth into my jaw bone. bad enough that the dentist had to cut away a bunch of decayed bone around where the tooth was because it would have made the infection worse if he left it in there. So i had the tooth pulled, and a chunk of jaw bone where the tooth was.

for those with a strong stomach, click here. that's what was left of the tooth after it shattered, and the smaller pieces are chunks of bone.

I was in so much pain after this that I couldn't eat at all, it hurt enough to just open my mouth let alone chew anything. so I spent 2 weeks drinking protien shakes, smoothies, whatever i could choke down that i didnt have to chew up. I was so weak from not eating that I spent those entire 2 weeks in bed getting weaker and weaker by the day. once my jaw was healed enough for me to eat again I started getting sick and that killed my appetite all over again, i went yet another week without eating. so we're at three weeks here (if you're keeping score) of me not eating any solid food.

now comes the kicker. most of you who know me well knows that i've always got a beer or some liquor in my hand, and I drink a bit more than I should. I was getting trashed every night for a long long time. yes, i knew it was bad for me and i did it anyway. I guess technically that makes me an alcoholic. anyways... after 3 weeks of not eating and getting drunk every night i started having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, like my legs were really tired and i couldnt walk so well the first 10 or 15 minutes i was up. i figured ah im not eating im probably just tired, and started to eat food again, forcing myself to eat. 2 days later i could barely walk and started using my cane again, my fingetips and toes started to go numb. the next day my nose and lips and tongue went numb and i couldn't taste anything anymore. friday morning i tried to get out of bed and fell to my knees and couldn't get myself up off the floor. i told my wife to take the kids to school and come back and take me to the ER.

In the ER, they checked my heart and some brain monitor thing to make sure i didnt have a heart attack or a stroke because that was the symptoms i was showing. they took xrays and took 7 or 8 vials of blood and put me on a IV bag. they tried to get a urine sample but i couldn't go. 2 hours go by and im already on my 3rd bag of IV fluids and the docs cant believe how deehydrated i am. then the test results come back and the doc tells me i have an infection in my blood and its going around shutting down organs and spreading tthrough your body. I told the doc about the infected tooth and they immediately put me on antibiotics and 2 bags that were a vitamin overload. at this point i was numb from my toes to my knees, and could barely feel my hands. they asked if i drink alcohol and i said yes, and the doc said well it looks like between the infection and you drinking booze and not eating properly your liver is shutting down. she wrote me a bunch of prescriptions and a list of vitamin supplements and was getting ready to discharge me. i asked but why cant i feel my hands and she was starting to say it will go away when i take my vitamins when a neurologist just happened to be walking by. thank god he did because he came in asked me a few questions and did some motor skills tests on my hands and legs and told the doctor admit this man immediately he's having a severe case of neuropothy and could permanantly lose feeling in his arms and legs.

so, im in the hospital for 5 days, unable to walk and terribly numb getting every test in the book. 3 CT scans, 2 MRIs, 2 ultrasounds, an infinite number of xrays, etc etc etc. meanwhile they're drawing blood from me every 6 hours. they got my body cleared of the infection, but it had gotten into my nervous system and thats why they think my hands and feet went numb, i guess infections in there attack the extremities, something like that. all i knew was the numbess starte to be replaced by severe pain, like my skin was covered in hot coals, and my hands would cramp up like claws and hurt so much that i couldn't move them. my feet hurt like hell as well as my calfs and shins, and both knees. so theyu stopped the infection from paralyzing me and started giving me meds for the pain, the neuro doc said you have a 50/50 shot of getting better. all we can do is keep it from getting worse, your body has to do the rest. something like that anyway, i was all ****ed up on morphine and norcos :D

after 3 days of brutal visits from the physical therapists, i was able to get around using a walker. still without feeling in my legs and feet i would easily lose my balance. they got me to where i could get around on my own and they clear3ed me for disharge. all tghe docs made follow up appointments and they sent me home. ive been practicing walking with the walker day and night for the last 2 weeks, and i have a physuical therapist that comes to the house 2-3 days a week. he did however tell me im cramping up still because i am overworking my already sore muscles, and to stop because I was only making it worse.

So, he told me to stay off my feet as much as possible. that's why i needed this sweet wheelchair that Falk borrowed from his buddy for me. I use the chair in the house and the walker when I go places. i have crutches i can use too, but im not quite strong enough to be on them all day yet.

so, whats the moral of this story boys and girls?

Did I mention that the doc said if I get drunk just one more time, i'm proably going to die of liver failure? if you drink every day, CUT THAT **** OUT. let me be an example of the worse case scenario, know that this is what happens when you over do it. Thanks to all who have offered help and support and have been sending me well wishes on facebook. I'm getting by just fine but I appreciate the offers very much. I have a lot of support from my family and especially my wife.

I'll be fine, eventually. The docs are taking good care of me it's just going to take time to get back to 100%.

so, whats the moral of this story boys and girls?

I know I'm a few thousand miles away, but if you need something, just call. Of course, I'm sure Scott and I will be close by to continue to alternate between giving you crap, and giving motherly advice...

David Bricker / SYR
I didn't even know this was possible. Holy shit. Get better man.
that must have scared the crap out of you! Glad that they caught it before anything seriously permanent or life threatening!
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Mike you can call me anytime if you need help. I won't even charge you for gas.:) Glad you're getting around now, just listen to the doctors and you'll be giving people shit in no time.
Please hurry and get better, i hate picking on sick kids.
Now get off your a$$ and do something you Punk A$$ Kid. ;)
you know how to get me if you need anything

you already know i mean it.
If my math works out anywhere near correctly you were right in the midst of this nightmare when you were offering me a set of wheels/tires so I could tow my parts bundle home. There's a side of me that is grateful I wasn't able to take you up on that and further add to your list of things to do that was keeping you from taking care of yourself.

I must also say that I do appreciate the willingness to help someone out in spite of how you were doing yourself.

As to the alcohol, I am reminded of a guy I used to work for. He was known for his ability to really put it away. After I moved on to other things I would still periodically see him at a local whisky tasting, then one year he wasn't there, then not the next year either. Eventually I ran across him somewhere else and inquired why I hadn't seen him at the whisky tastings. He explained that he had given up alcohol. He had been in the hospital for back surgery. During recovery he was in a room with a guy who had also been in for an operation with a bit of recovery time required, but hadn't explained to his doctor that he was an alcoholic. This other guy was going through delirium tremens and moaning and groaning and largely making it impossible for my old boss to get any sleep. However, he had plenty of time on his hands to think and consider the situation. He wound up making a list for himself of "things alcohol has done for me." It was a pretty short list. In comparison to the costs alcohol didn't offer the right risk/reward benefit. He quit drinking.

Your wife and kids are going to need you around for while. Do take care of yourself.
Call if you need anything Mike. Lord knows you've helped me out more than a few times. Glad to have another non-drinker around. :) Your little ones need to have you around for a long, long time.
thanks for all the support and well wishes guys, im getting stronger every day but its a long hard road and i'm not quite able to walk it yet.
I've never met you but I want to say this:
Please take what the doctor says to heart. My dad was a heavy drinker and had been told the exact same thing that you were told. He chose to ignore it and he died October of 11' please take it very very serious