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How tough is john bull now


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NAXJA Member
Anyone run john bull or holcomb creek lately? Looking for info on how tough they are now. Have a friend with a newer jk and dont want to tell him they are fine on 33s to find out they have changed more than i’m assuming. My last trip up was 2016 so i know they’ve changed from then and you tube vids only show so much.
All I know is my stock JK Rubicon made good usage of its sliders and skid parts running Gold Mountain in May. The last time I was on Gold Mountain before that was 2012ish and we got a stock 02ish Tacoma crew cab through.

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Good to know thanks for the heads up. Waching some of the videos it seems big bear is getting alot more traffic and is therefore getting a bit more tore up.
Been wanting to run bull for a while now. Just need to get some rock rails installed