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Houston to Barnwell


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Spring, Tx
I was woundering who wanted to caravan. I am planning us meeting around 5 to 5:30 am at the Race Trac gas station at I-45 and FM 2920 and leaving around 6 am. The gas there is at $1.98 a gal. right now plus they have coffee and what ever else we need. We would arrive around 10 to 10:30 am, set up camp, eat some lunch and then hit some trails on Friday afternoon.

Plus I would like to leave that early cuz the kids are coming and I want them to sleep most of the trip.
Yes I do. I have been out to Barnwell a few times and have been by that camp site MANY times.

Plus I can read a map.....
How about I buy you a 15mm socket and you disconnect them yourself.
I-45 N to Buffalo, US 79 to Jacksonville, US 69 to Tyler then US 271 to Gilmer. Its 4 hours and 240 miles.
why not take 155 in palestine to gilmer. Since u know Barnwell is off 155. MAn If you guys werent leaving so early me, will and xjintx could meet yall in buffalo.
Yeah I was looking at that route also... But I think its shorter to go the other way.