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Holy Cross 24 September 08


Headbanging Hillbilly
If any of yall are interested, Rock Solid OC is goin over Holy Cross this Wednesday! So far we have 2 XJ's 2 TJ's 1 YJ and 1 Toy. We will be meeting at the Canon City Walmart at 7am.
I need rock sliders.... I got the lift back but ill get soo much damage if i dont have those sliders.
I need rock sliders.... I got the lift back but ill get soo much damage if i dont have those sliders.

You wont need them. I ran my 3.5" lift on 31's on Eagle Rock on sat with no rock sliders and only came away with a small dent. Boyd's tiny XJ made it up with no issues and came away with no scratches whatso ever. Ive seen your rig, it sits high and your running 32's... you will be FINE bro.

Oh, and happy birthday!:party:
How long is the trail?? Gotta be at work in Castle Rock by 3:30...
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Holy Cross makes Eagle Rock look like a Sunday drive.
Good Times!! Yeah....Baby!!:party:
As usual I am not the camera kinda guy.....got all the way up there and discovered my batteries were dead in the camera:doh: That is what I get....atleast my fellow brothers/sisters in arms had my back! They got some good pics of the fun!! My new BDS LA worked very good, never got stuck:clap: Check out the clip JWTrapper posted, when you are done click on slide show and see the rest. Enjoy!!
Here are the pictures. I was a little tired last night and didn't get it done.

The crew.












Great pics! I love that one of the white XJ with it's rear passenger hanging off a rock. Holy Cross is a trail I'd love get to next year - just need to armor up a bit first.