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High School teachers... thread revisited


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Lawrenceburg, TN
A couple of weeks ago there was a thread on this forum dealing with "hot" teachers. Well, I finally found this pix. She teaches high school math in a small town in eastern Colorado. Now, MY high school teacher was old and male! Crap!! :laugh3:

She also drives a XJ:


Guns, girls and XJs. Nice combination! :sunshine:
heres my communications teacher. shes the original "hot teacher" from a few weeks back. college though, not high school.
DONT get outta line in her classs....I bet all the kids in it are PISSED they can't get spanked by the teacher anymore:D
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Kejtar said:
that refers to a pic that Danno posted a WHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE back

Well Remi, you do have a good memory so I'm gonna repost that photo one more time just for you. And they are WAKEBOARDS....not surfboards. Wakeboards get pulled behind the ski boat. And oh yeah, this pix appeared in WAKEBOARD magazine and those four girls became somewhat notorious as the "Naked Chicks" among the pro wakeboarding set. The girl that is second from the left father is a minister. He WAS NOT AMUSED. All the rest of us thought it was funnier then hell.

olivedrabcj7 said:
heres my communications teacher. shes the original "hot teacher" from a few weeks back. college though, not high school.

WOW .... wish I could find an old pic of a girl I dated in High School... she's a splitt'in image ! ! !