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Hey crash ..leaf spring help


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Las Vegas
I saw what youi said about s-10 leafs .. so I can get some off any year s-10.
Im guessing that the springs are the same on a truck or blazer and they will fit with no problem, also wil they flex better than say RE springs or rustys???
They will give about 6 inches of lift, and they are very soft, BUT:

The center pins need to be re-drilled.

The rear shackle hanger on your truck will need to be moved back about 2-3 inches.

The late model springs are better because they have teflon inserts in between the leaves. When it comes to flexing, I have never seen a set of leaves that were not limited by the length of the shock. In other words, all 5 or 6 leaf packs flex just fine under the weight of an XJ.


Do you have enough room to move the shackle that much?

Yup, just weld a plate to the bottom of the OEM shackle box, and build a new shackle mount on that.

Sorry Crash mayby I didnt clarify myself. I have rear leafs that are almos flat ie the eye to eye or top leaf looks flat now .. if I install some leafs from a s-10 and remove my aal and acouple more lefs from the stock pack will that help the arch come back or do yoiu think that the primary leaf is too far gone???
I dont have the flow for a new set of leafs right now...

First check to see if you main leaves are ok. Take the Add-a-leaf out and have your XJ just sit on the rear axle. If you still need more lift. I heard something about Chevy shackles and of course you can add blocks.

Like yours I have the stock springs with the RC add-a-leaf. I added a Daystar shackle and added the RC 1.5" block. I'm sitting at about 5.5-6" in the rear. If your on a budget you might consider just finding some new add-a-leafs. The S10 springs were quoted at a couple of dismantlers @75-85 :shock: . The local pick-a-part only wants 25 per spring. The only thing is I have to find them.