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help with skyjacker adjustable trackbar install


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i was wondering if anybody knows if i can mount the steering stabilizer that comes with the skyjacker adjustable trackbar if i have jks quick discos
it doesnt seem that it is possible
if somebody has figured a way around this please let me know
Could you explain your problem a bit better? I don't have any Skyjacker stuff, but the steering stabilizer doesn't attach in any way to the track bar, and isn't located anywhere near the sway bar disconnects, so I'm afraid I don't understand what doesn't seem to fit where. And although you may have bought a Skyjacker steering stabilizer, it doesn't "come with" the track bar because it doesn't attach to the track bar. They are unrelated.

Need more info.
ok, ill try to explain this, my help question was directed more towards someone that has a similar setup to me since im pretty sure im gonna have to fab something to make this work
the skyjacker trackbar comes with a steering stabilizer and a bracket for mounting the stabilizer
the trackbar gets relocated to the stock steering stabilizer location making it more parrallel to the axle which is good
the new stabilizer comes with a bracket that mounts to the new trackbar location and to the sway bar end, this would work fine if i had skyjacker discos or fixed links, but the jks's hook up differently so i cant mount the bracket there
so basically i was wondering if there was anyone that had the same problem im having and figured out a way around it without having to use ubolts to hold the stabilizer to the tie rod
i hope this clarifies my situation a little
You're right -- you need help from someone with the same setup. I'm trying to visualize what you're talking about, but I can't see how a steering stabilizer has anything to do with sway bars or links. Sorry.
First if you don,t have 6 or more inches of lift that track bar will NOT work.I tried it with 3+" and had worse bump steer problems .Ended up getting a Rustys adj bar and using skyjacker steering dampner in place of the stock unit.
I am using a Skyjacker lift system with Rustys sway bar discos.I cannot remember what I was going to do about the discos,maybe they wern,t a problem for my setup.
If you need a spare,I have a nice new set up still in the box.
ps-- found my info from NAXJA and pratcial experince