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Help: no start and check code doesn't work?


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Hey, hoping someone might know the answer.
96 Jeep died at a drive thru.
Pulled it into a space.
Cranks fine, no start.
Doing the 3 key turn dtc check *doesn't do anything*like it normally does
The check engine just stays solid.
Does this indicate anything to anyone?
Appreciate it!
Cps probably died. Most common fault for a no start condition on an xj. Put a code reader on it, but I think the cel stays on until engine starts. Cps usually won't throw a code btw.
Appreciate it! Looks like I blew the 30a ASD fuse, which controls the pcm, so that would explain the lack of codes. Not sure if underlying issue too.. 30A mini buss
Can visualize the little tin it comes in but can't find it, only the big ones
Tried CVS and 7-11, back in the day they would have had a little kit but no joy:(
Lol found the fuses! I am a lucky guy. The steel box was still in the hanger card and had gotten wet, so the plastic window was clouded and the labels all smeared, but after the third dig through the bag of fuses I finally realized what I was looking at, and the spare 30a has got me home.
I highly recommend indicator fuses on all the major components. They really pay off in the dark and on the trail.