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Help identifying roof rack

Long story short, my buddy offered me his roofrack for babysitting his rig while he's deployed. My issue is, I have never seen this style rack before. I'd like to track down the manufacturer and see if I can get some new mounts for it. Currently it's mounted using longer replacement studs for the bolts that hold the stock rack rails to the roof. A few of the studs are broken, so the rack rattles around quite a bit, and I'd like to see if I can get some gutter mounts or something for it.
Anyone have any idea who makes/made this thing? All I know is that it's absolutely HUGE compared to what I normally see for racks...
Nobody?... damn. Sad panda.
Not sure of the make of that rack, but, you may want to check out JCR. They have weld on tabs that then bolt to the rain gutter.
Jcr has gutter mounts that you could weld onto the rack.
Guess it'll be some weld-on's then, heh. I knew JCR offered them, just wasn't entirely sure about going with them. Got no problem busting out the metal-burning box though :)