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hella lights


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Blacksburg, VA
hey. I bought a hella e-code light kit with H4 bulbs about a month ago from rallylights.com, which everyone said was reliable. I just got back from a 6 hour road trip in the dark and right as I pulled back into my driveway, one went out, which was surprising because everyone says they last forever.

It not only went out but it completely shattered inside the housing. The bulbs are 100/80 watt running on stock wiring, but my question was do you think it could have been the wiring that caused it or just bad luck, because I dont want to keep ordering more bulbs and having the same thing happen. Thanks
The actual H4 lamp is made by Hella? Touching the glass with your hands is a sure way to destroy your headlamps. They must remain sterile during the install or premature failure like you've experienced happens.

If you haven't already done the headlamp harness upgrade, you are definately taxing the stock wiring and headlamp switch with the increased amperage draw.
well its a 2000 and its quite possible that I touched the bulb when I was installing it...but now that it exploded there is a ton of moisture inside the housing...and i didnt know how to get it out...thinkin hair dryer but i dont know. any suggestions?
shop vac with a hose small enough, 1/2 maybe 5/8 heater hose attached to it, to get in thru the bulb hole and suck the bulb fragments out, would probably work well to dry it out too.

You eather touched it, or it got wet by not installing the rubber gasket on the lens. Definitly do a harness upgraid for bulb with that kind of wattage.
that was another thing i was wondering...i got the rubber gasket things when I got the lights and tried to install them but wouldnt fit right over the back of the housings...dont know if i was doing it wrong..but once i put the bulb in the housing i tried to get the rubber boot over the back of the bulb..is that right? because that could quite possibly have been the problem for the light breakage as well...