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Handling issue - don't think its death wobble


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01' XJ
RE 6130 4.5"
adj. LCAs

The steering wants to wonder at 40mph. When going over a bump at crusing speed the wheels tend to wonder in the bump.

It fine at lower speeds, have no trouble going over speed bumps in parking lots.

I have had it aligned. But not sure what the toe and caster angles were set to


also depends on rim offset and how wide the tires are now. If the tires are wider, and/or the rims are offset more than stock to the negative, (to the outside) you will get some wandering. I had this same problem until I trashed out the D30 and put in a HP D44. It somehow has to do with the centerline of the tire/rim vs. the ball joints, the further outboard the rim is to the ball joints, the more serious the wandering becomes.
Sounds more like bump steer to me. First thing is to check that the track bar is tight on both ends. Next thing is to check that the track bar and the steering drag link run parallel -- if they aren't parallel, funny things happen as the suspension compresses and extends.
Since you are running 4.5" of lift I am assuming that the steering is stock and the trac-bar is in stock location. Do you have the RE trac-bar bracket or did you drill out your stock one and run a bolt through it (If that is how it works)? If you have the RE bracket, does it lower the trac-bar a bit at the frame. I have Rusty's bracket and I think it drops the trac-bar at least 1/2" or maybe a bit more. If it does lower it some, you could throw on a ZJ pitman arm, which would lower the drag link to match the angle of the trac-bar. Believe me, if you had death wobble, you would know. Hope you get it figured out soon.
I did upgrade to the RE HD trackbar and bracket. I also change the stock steering stablizer yesturday. A ittle improvment but not enough. Thanks for the feedback

I will keep you posted.

Check your tires. Had the same thing on my 96 6"lift with 33's, I got new BGF MT's and now it rides sweet as hell. Before my junk would wonder all over the place like a skeered squirel crossing the road. I chased many a things trying to find out why and now I know, TIRES!!!:D
I'm running 16x8 wheels with 5" backspacing and new Goodyear M/Ts. These tire are 245/75R16 Load range E

The RE HD bracket doesn't have any drop to it,they even changed their add to just "HD Bracket".I would also check your toe-in,a lot of alignment shops only want to play "by the book",the larger tires require a little "tweaking" to those numbers!