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Gray Interior Parts

TN William

NAXJA Forum User
Kingston, TN
I have removed the interior from my 89 XJ and almost everything is for sale. The dash and the door panels are the only thing I am keeping. Let me know what you need and I will price it; shipping is at your expense.
Seats are gray leather w/power. Rear and passenger front are in good condition, just need cleaned up. Driver's side is rough. Sorry, no pics (I keep telling my wife I could get rid of this stuff if she would let me have a digital camera). Make me an offer.
You wouldn't have a male end rear seatbelt would you?
TN William said:
I have both. Take your choice or take them both. $10 for the front, $5 for the rear.

I'll take the rear driver side female end. Just to clarify it is the one with only one female end not 2 on the same thing. Please email me with payment and shipping info. [email protected]
XJ parts

Do you have the roll-up security cover and attachments for the inside read compartment?