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Got tased and pepper sprayed

You gotta try tear gas in a small, sealed room next! Make sure you build up a good sweat first for maximum effect.

I'll take tear gas over pepper spray anyday. The effects of the CS are gone after a few minutes in the clear. That damn pepper spray stays with you for a long time. Especially us white boys. Made my skin turn bright red, like I had been running through the desert for a week with no sun screen.

The lean over the garden hose is definately the hot tip. DO NOT, let that crap run down your body trying to wash it off. That's a whole nother pain.
I got the tear gas in boot camp. I got a good whiff of it too since I got my gas mask turned around. Not too bad. I want nothing to do with pepper spray though.
I always loved the logic of having to know the pain for nonlethal options in order to have them on watch, yet getting shot was never a prerequisite for checking out small arms.
man win me and the wife first moved down to palm springs i forgot my key it was late and i didn't want to wake the wife. i was coming in the living room window i was half way in bam she sprayed almost the can.

it was bad:cry:....thank god i had a few beers in.
Wow John..........you really know how to have a good time. What you gonna do next week to top a teaser gun and pepper spray?:explosion
This coming week we are doing defensive tactics and getting CPR certified (I'm already certified but I have to do it again as part of the course). Unfortunately they don't put us through the emergency vehicle operations course (think of defensive driving on steroids).
I graduated from the Police Academy when I was 21 and was only one of three willing ot take the taser which was optional at the time. I agree it is not pleasant, but the pepper foam is much more miserable than anything. Oil based sprays stay in your skin for a while and once you go home and hop into a hot shower the oils re-activate and it starts all over again. Not fun!
The taser was voluntary but the OC was not.