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Good music for foul moods


NAXJA Forum User
Social Distortion, Don't Drag Me Down.
bad religion
Urban Redneck said:
Nine Inch Nails
A Perfect Circle

Very good list!

Anything with Maynard Keenan.
All fine suggestions. The Social Distortion song I was actually listening to was Down on the World Again, but, hey, amazing that I could think even that straight after being woken up by and having a confrontation with one of my neighbours.

Hadn't thought of NIN, but Die Krupps were definitely up there along with KMFDM, Flesh Field, and Suicide Commando.
britney spears, backstreet boys, hanson, N Sync.....all of these make me want to whip somebodys ass.
Nah - try Jimmy Buffett. MUCH better than most of those listed outfits - that I haven't even heard of!

A good banjo tune won't go amiss, either - be it general bluegrass or Roy Clark.

Or, if I want to recover from a REALLY strange mood, I'll start with "I Wish You Were A Beer" (Cycle Sluts from Hell,) go into "Sick of You" (GWAR,) and see what happens from there.

Or am I missing the point here - are we trying to recover from a foul mood, or get into one?