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Golden Spike with the Midwest Chapter


NAXJA Member #647
Date: October 6, 2008

After getting a good night's sleep in my motel room at the Inca Inn, I was up early again on Monday morning to meet up with some Midwest Chapter members to go an run Golden Spike. We were originally planning on a pretty large group showing up, but because of some setbacks it ended up only being myself, Rev and Susie, and John (lesslimited) and Cindy.

This was my first time running this trail. I was supposed to run it back in 2006 with Ryan (DrMoab), however it never happened.....so I was looking forward to running it this time. It is a long and bumpy trail, so it was for the better that we were a smaller group.

John on the Wedge on Poison Spider Mesa

On the sandstone fin at the beginning of Golden Spike

Rev headed up the steep Launch Pad

View from the first of many overlooks over Moab Canyon

A small arch I found near the overlook

My Jeep at another overlook along the rim
My attempt at a close-up picture of Jeep Arch

John driving through the Golden Crack


Rev driving through the Golden Crack

John climbing up some ledges near the end of the Golden Spike trail

Head back down along Gold Bar Rim

Down in Little Canyon

It was a long day on the trail, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a great time :)

Full galleries here:

Poison Spider Mesa
Golden Spike
Gold Bar Rim
Rev is a good dude to Wheel with too. He took it pretty well when i threw mud all over his ass and like 5 other guys OOPS :D