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Give-Away XJ to Atlanta area


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Andy mention something earlier about having a show and shine type thing at the dealership whre he works. This would be agret opertunity for us to get the XJ out for people to see and raise a little money for the club.

1. We need to set a date. Any time in March or early April would be good.

2. exactly what do we want to do with this??? Show and Shine, the XJ and a meal??
i would definitely be up for that, hopefully the jeep can make it to anywhere in the atl area after this weekend of seriously needed overhauling.

Theres also a 4x4 show and swap meet in the Raleigh Area on march 15th... maybe you could make that "on your way" Just offering some possible ideas. -Tim
I need a date. I don't just want a show and shine. I want the good the bad and the ugly too. I want prizes for the best of the best and the best of the worst. I have a hot dog/burger guy if the dates are right. I can post fliers at the local 4x4 shops. I'll get a post in the "wheels" section of the AJC, and run fliers by local car shows. I need help with plaques/trophies for various categories and ideas for these categories with a seperate XJ category and section. I don't just want jeeps, I want all trucks. I need a date.
Who has custody of the XJ anyway? I know you handled a lot of the work didn't you Heather. I could probably read about it on the NAXJA page but.....I am lazy.
It is sitting right here nice and clean with a brand new Hanibal Safari rack...

Andy that sounds great...Check with you Hot dog guy for some dates or just throw some out and we will pick. I have nothing planed in stone till Paragon and that is Last weekend in May.
Sounds good to me...set a date & I'll try to drag some folks from NC down there to HotLanta :D

As an aside, (Heather...Danno?) do either of you have the NAXJA club banner? Was it at Moab and/or Winterfest?

I have a new Tread Lightly banner approx same size as ours, plus a smaller Blue Ribbon Coalition banner. It'd be nice to have them displayed down there.
As postedon the BOD I have a NAXJA Banner and the others would be great the date has been set for May 3. We paln to have a small raffle concession stand, 50/50 draw and awards for each catagory. Those who would like to help please say so and Andy or myself will get with you about a specic task that we need done.

Does anone know of a cheap place to have some small trophy made??
There is a place nearby work that does plaques, engraving etc...

How many categories are we looking at?

*best (and worst) in show
*best (and worst) engineering
*best stock XJ
*best built XJ
*best non-XJ (?)
*best non-Jeep product(?)
*longest distance

That would be 9 there...what sort of entry fee (if any) to show a vehicle.
The categories I was thinking are:
Best XJ
Ugliest XJ
Best Jeep
Best in Show
Best 4x4
Best Truck
Dirtiest Truck
Best Classic Truck
Least Likely to Make it Home without a Tow

I need volunteers for parking duty(two), money collection(1-2). It will be $5 for participants and 0 for spectators.

I forgot about a p/a system or dj if anyone is equipped that would be a big help. The fliers should be done March 7th.

Other volunteers include cleanup, setup, selling 50/50 tickets, selling raffle tickets for the XJ, and couting votes. I'm sure there are other things that I left out also.
This will be great for us the S.E. chapter and NAXJA as a whole.
Where is the dealership. Unfortanetely I can't commit to anything but I am planning on stopping by. I could maybe give a hand then.
well i'm definitely in, let me know if i can do anything to help and where the dealership is at.
the daelership is Gwinnett Place Dodge. it is located at the gwinnett place mall on Commerce ave. (3254) duluth, just off sattelite blvd.
and there is plenty of help we and i will need.
where are you located jeepxjga? maybe you could pass out fliers at local shows near you. and at local shops? to begin with. :wink:
well currently i am in carrollton at school, but i might possibly be home this weekend in alpharetta so if you guys want to give me some fliers i'll see what i can do around northpoint or something. let me know
as many(jeeps/trucks) as you can. the fliers should be ready by next fri. we'll set up a time and date to get together