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General info...


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Heres the highlights and the info page will be up by the first of the week.

NAXJA HQ and registration will be at Crawfords Campground. All non-trail events like the raffle and fine fellowship you’ve come to expect with the NAXJA members in attendance will be held at Crawfords Campground.

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 828-837-9077

FAX: 828-837-2848

Wed. 5pm -? Registration, safety check and trail assignments
At Crawford’s Campground.

Thurs. 7am-9am Registration, safety check, and trail assignments
9am Rides begin leaving

Fri. 9am Rides begin leaving
6:30 p.m. Potluck meal and games (Location TBA)

Sat 9am rides begin leaving
6:30 p.m. Group meal and raffle (location TBA)
Awards will be given out

We will be open preodering for T-shirts and decals in April
Looking for a good design for this years shirts.

Will need volunteers for:
Trail leaders
Pot luck meal
Group meal

Lets make this years event a great one. :lol: :lol:NAXJA
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ooo ooo, i'll lead trails! pick me pick me! actually if you guys want me and my club to lead trails, we'd be more than happy to lead and meet some guys to get our name out there and start getting associated with naxja a little bit more.

Get in touch with me if you need some donations to raffle off. I hope I can make it back up there this year. Maybe I won't get in trouble with the law this year. I'll make Wes drive.
You can count me in for helping with the registration and the meal(s). Nicole will be with me this year and I'm sure she'll be happy to pitch in a hand too. I'll also keep reminding Dan to get us some goodies from TOR to raffle off.
Nope the event is open to evryone...More info on Monday...