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gears lockers etc.


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i have a d30 4.56 gear and set up kit new in box.
8.8 with detroit locker and 4.56 gear sale pending
d30 axle complete with steering detroi tru trac and 4.56 gear sale pending
dana 30 detroit tru trac make offer
dana 35 detroit locker and supior 31 spline alloy shafts make offer
dana 30-35 4.10 gears make offer
4 link with a pan hard bracket kit from RE 1/4" thick all brackets for rear or possible front new make offer
poly 2" budget boost spacers
give me a call any time 540-735-6810 my name is billy. i am sure i have other misc parts i was building two jeeps so i will keep looking i had double of all this stuff so i will let you guys know if i dig up more
i really need to get rid of this stuff before this weekend so lets get it out the door...
detroit tru trac like new 225 obo
yukon d30 hp ring and pinion 4.56 gear w/master install kit 200 obo
4.10 gears for d35/d30hp make offer
detroit locker and 31 splin chromo shafts 750 obo almost brand new
brackit kit make offer.. if anyone is interested make me an offer i am ready to deal i want to kick this stuff out the door
How are you going to sell this stuff when you cant even complete our deal!!!!When someone puts cash down no matter how much its nice to let the person know whats going on right!!When they take out their acos spacers and put the ones on you gave me for you!! I know its alittle work but its work!!Oh and pull out the CASH that we agreed on for you. And then avoid my phone calls and try to tell me that i'm calling to much. You have an excusse for everything. Why dont you just be a man instead of a little boy and let me know whats realy going on??? IS IT THAT HARD FOR YOU.
same here you say axles are sold to me, i pull cash out and your saying i call too much i told you id give the 1200 you asked for just the two axles. but no call back no pm back all i want is an adress and you get 1200 bucks! so far all you say is your gonna call and never do and get mad when i take the initiative.
i actually got a hold of him and his phone is all messed up and it only rings once in a great while. im not defending him. im just teling you what he told me.