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FYI... Recall on fuel lines


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I was at the dealer the other day... the guy said he had to perform the service recall on my fuel lines. I told him it was too late because I already had them replaced several months ago due to the supply line leak... it cost me $45 ea. plus labor.

The high pressure line developed a pinhole on the "plastic tube portion" that's formed to the stainless steel tube... the one that curves around and attaches to the connector that utimately plugs into the fuel rail----it was squirting a fine mist on the manifold under pressure.

The only reason I noticed it was because my fuel mileage went to hell all of a sudden. I could smell fuel but couldn't figure out where it was coming from ... needed to start the motor and look closely in order to see the fine mist. It had no visible leaks because the gas was evaporating on the manifold.

Very dangerous !!

The new lines are redesigned... you may want to check it out and see if your XJ qualifies for this recall.

Mine is a 1991 4.0L HO
Mine did that last year and I replaced it. Exactly as you described, pinhole leak. Had to order the whole thing from DC, cost like $50, and they had to order it. However the new one had an extra rubber shielding wrapped around it, guess thats the new design.
How exactly does this whole recall thing work? I've never taken anything back to the dealer that had been recalled, especially not a 93 XJ. I found out that my 93 has quite a few recalls on it. They can all be found HERE . Will they just take my XJ and fix all this stuff for free? I've been told stealerships won't touch your junk if it has been modified ie lift package or after market products. Any help?
As I understand it, they are supposed to fix the recalls by Federal law.
Anyone know for certain?
It depends on the type of recall. If it's a "safety recall" they have to do it free of charge. My guess is that this would be a safety recall, but I'm not certain.

My XJ is a 2001 and this does not appear to apply. Anyone know the specific years for this recall?
Go to the link above, dig into the URL hash and replace the "1993" with "2001" <or given model year>
Thats interesting. Local salvage yard has one that cought on fire in that area that I was trying to buy and rewire.
The dealership by me did the interlock brake pedal recall two months ago. Mine is lifted and they didn't have a problem with it. But ya it's a fed. law to replace that stuff. Juice
Hey guys:

This is a recent recall ... I had mine in there 3 months ago to have some work performed ... no mention of it then.

This is a mandated recall and should be free... in fact, the dealer told me last Friday they couldn't let me have my XJ until it was performed... we argued about it because I said it was already fixed with the newly designed fuel lines. One DC computer indicated I needed the recall, the other indicated it was fixed... they keep close tabs on recalls by the VIN number. They still have me with an open item because I refused the brake-pedal-trans-lockout recall several years ago.

I paid for both supply and return lines.... $150+ bucks later-----I'm considering calling DC and demanding a refund.

I recommend taking your XJ in... this is a "real" serious safety issue. It took me over a month to find the source of the leak... it's very inconspicuous.
Are you sure it's a recent recall? I checked Alldata and the NHTSA websites and I can't find any reference to a recent recall involving fuel line leaks for Cherokees or Comanches. Does the fuel line problem relate to all Jeep engines or just the inline 6?

Here's the NHTSA website if anyone wants to search for this:

88 Comanche
Okay, contrary to my last note I did find something about fuel line problems on the Center for Auto Safety website (http://www.autosafety.org/article.php?did=103&scid=56) but it's not up to date:

"Fires: 14,643 1986 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Fuel line fitting fire (85V-139); 635 I-6 engine 1987 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Fuel hose leak (86V-160); 230,000 1987-93 Wrangler - Fuel tank gasket leak (94V-106); 32,000 1996 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee - Alternator fuse short causes engine fire (95V-193)."

The Chrysler technical service numbers are in parentheses. This still isn't much information.

88 Comanche
No, I'm not sure now...

I just got off the phone with DC and they are telling me there is no recall on my vehicle... but they tell me they can only identify recalls by the VIN number.

I don't know what's going on between the dealer and DC ... but the SW was adamant this was a mandatory recall and wasn't allowing me to take my XJ without replacing the new fuel lines.

Maybe the dealer has their wires crossed since they're looking up information on two different systems. If there is an actual recall I would like my $150 back.

I find this ironic and a coincidence the dealer wanted to change my fuel lines at their cost.... and just recently I experienced a fuel line leak... and Jeep found it necessary to change the design.

Maybe this is just a false alarm ...

Nevertheless, I would keep a close eye on that "formed plastic tube" on the high pressure line that plugs into the fuel rail----it may spring a pinhole leak.

BTW: DC said that they would reinburse my $150 if this turns out to be an actual recall. keep the receipts.