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Front winch bumper started and questions for fabricators


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Tulsa, OK
I have started my front bumper and can't decide on how to go from here. I was making a winch mount on top but the bumper will stick out approx. 8" from the front crossmember thingy(technical term). My other thought is keep good approach angle and just make two reciever hitches in the front of the bumper about 15" apart and make a winch plate similar to the warn plate where it slides in the hitch but have two tubes that attach at 20" apart for more stability and strength. also going to do the same to the rear but with 3 hitches so I can tow with the middle one. What are your opinions on winches mounted on the front only on top of the bumper and the removable plate which would you go with. Thanks I will give updates.

You seem to have a good handel on it! I perfer to have the winch soild mounted. However I have never used one that incorporated two receivers. Good idea, but if you need a good approach angel couldnt you move the bumper back and recess the winch part way into the grill?

just some thoughts.... good luck
That is as close as I can go without relocating the radiator. and it includes cutting or removing the grill. It would stick out about the same as a stock bumper.
Sounds good. I think you have covered most the angles.
I'd move the bumper up a little, as high as it will go, and mount the winch on a plate above it. That's how mine is, with the top plate about even with the bottom of the grill.

I've seen too many problems with reciever mount winches, I wouldn't even consider it. Ask SeanP about his reciever mount winch at Axle Alley last year.......talk about an approach angle problem. :)
The bumper will be up against the bottom of the grill as high as it can be with another bar underneath the top one but the bottom will be inset mainly to protect the steering box and keep water out of the alternator