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Front Shocks (for 3" lift)


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So I did a bunch of searching and I found that the Monroe YJ front shocks have eye holes at both ends.. one end will accept a barpin with some persuasion..

or you can use the upper front shock conversions that are availible from JKS and others..

so that takes care of the front and extends the length an inch

Now the bottom

I heard from several sources that there is a metal sleeve in the bottom rubber bushing...

I know the XJ bottom mount uses a bar pin similar to the upper mount on the rear shocks..

So heres what I figure you could do to solve this..

Either Drill out or press out the metal sleeve in the bushing and persuade the bar pin to go into it.....


Burn out the bushing and put a proper sized Poly bushing w/ Bar pin in

or a lower Bar pin eliminator

(Which would probably compress the shock enough at rest that I would bottom the shock out at only 3" of lift when I flex without some seriously limited uptravel due to the 2-3" taller bumpstops..)

If you don't know can someone recommend some cheap front shocks that are long enough for my 3" lift?

I'm starting to lean towards just getting a set of 3" lift rancho or rustys shocks and being done with it... regardless if they cost more..
I use 95 YJ monroe shocks and they don't have eye holes at both ends, they mount exactly the same as the XJ shocks. I have 3in lift and it works fine.
The REAR YJ shocks have eyes on both ends.

On further examination of the pics I was looking at this should have been obvious..

95 YJ you don't say huh?

Sounds like I'll go with those.. thanks
I used YJ Monroe Sensa-Tracs for my 4.5" lift. Perfect! Great ride ride! Mounts the same as XJ shocks at the top and I pressed in my old bar pins into the bottom. My Monroes did not have a steel sleeve in them.