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Front CV driveline on the rear?


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While aimlessly through the local junkyard, enjoying my day off, i noticed just how long the front driveline of an XJ is.
Has anybody ever thought about using one of these on the rear for a CV rear driveline conversion? Obviously, the length is not going to be perfect. I have shortened a rear driveline on a lathe before though, not really much to it.
Do you think it is beefy enough to be on the rear? good spline length? same u-joint size?
I haven't really researched this out at all yet, I just thought of it an hour ago or so. But it seems like you could use one of these things for a homemade hack-and-tap SYE.
What do you guys know or think?
I can use my front in an emergency,its about 3/4" shorter than the rear.They are not as strong as the rears,so I wouldnt recommend it for a permanent install!
If you can use it in an emergency, then the u-joints must be the same size. Is it a smaller diameter tubing then or just a weaker slip-spline?
the front slip-spline is of the smallish variety. Other than that, all XJ's use .120 wall tubing in the front, and the rest of the ujoints etc are the same. I do know that my old rig with 8-9", auto, 44 rear and short arms, the front and rear shafts were pretty much identical length.

I'd run it, (and have) and just watch the slip spline, if it starts fading the beefier stub yoke and end yoke are about 85 bucks, swap 'em in.

FYI stock rear driveshafts are .095 wall, .120 is the same as what Wood'd build you.
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Its definately smaller tube and my front is @1" spline,the rear is @1-1/8".