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Four Cylinder Axles


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Do all four cylinder XJs have 4.10 gears? Did the four cylinders ever come with the Chrysler 8.25? IIRC, the 8.25 axles with 29 splines started showing up in the middle of model year 96. Just thinking that it would be nice to be able to find some axles that are already geared what I want and be able to upgrade the rear axle at the same time. :D

Does anybody know when they started using the low pinion D30? I don't want to end up with one of these.

There is really nothing wrong with the LP D30, you may have few front driveshaft issues but they are really not a big deal. The strength of the axle really isn't an issue either, with 4.10's your most likely going to push 33's with an AT and maybe 35's with an MT. The axle will hold up just as well as a HP D30.

So that opens the field, now you can search for front TJ axles with the 4 banger, and all of them are 4.10. The TJ axle will bolt right up, no modifications.

As far as the 8.25, I think it would be pretty rare, they were still putting D35's in XJ's for awhile. If you did go with a D35 get the earlier one beofore 89' non c-clip model. Otherwise look for a D44, you can find them for around $100, The Grand Waggy's bolt right up.

Did a search on www.car-parts.com

$250-300 can get you an 8.25 4.10 axle, but add $100-150 for shipping. You might as well get a D44 and pay someone to do the gears.
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The low pinion front axle started in 2000.

Depending on year and transmission, 4-cylinder vehicles could have 3.31, 3.54, 3.73, or 4.10 gearing.

Don't know if the newer 4-bangers came with the Mopar axle.
Only place I've heard about that one is from you :D

It's possible. During the AMC years anything was possible. Chrysler pretty much standardized on 4.10s for the 4-banger regardless of transmission.