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Formatt Fabrications - 10lb and 20lb CO2 Tanks & Regulators

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Denver, Colorado
Due to popular demand, Formatt Fabrications is offering the 20lb CO2 tanks and mounting brackets along with the standard 10lb CO2 tanks and mounting brackets.


  • 0-150 psi adjustable regulator w/ gauges for tires and air tools
  • built-in valve guard/handle
  • high strength aluminum alloy
  • 10lb dimensions - height: 21" diameter: 6.875"
  • 20lb dimensions - height: 28" diameter: 8"
  • cylinders are new and certified.
  • CO2 tanks are sold empty.

  • 10lb Tank & Adjustable Regulator: $140.00 + shipping
  • 20lb Tank & Adjustable Regulator: $170.00 + shipping
  • Adjustable Regulator (seperate): $40.00 + shipping
  • 10lb Mounting Bracket: $35.00 + shipping
  • 20lb Mounting Bracket: $40.00 + shipping
CO2 Tank Tips & Facts:

  • Tanks can be mounted in any position for storage but must be tilted at no more than 30* angle for operation.
  • Air tools typically run between 80 and 100 psi
  • Tanks can be filled at most welding shops.
Please visit www.formattfab.com for more info.
Any questions or comments, please let me know: formattfab email
Not open for further replies.