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For what it's worth *Rock Stomper DIY Beadlocks

Georgia Mike

NAXJA Forum User
I have been seriously contemplating doing this mod for the last few months now. I thought to myself "$70 is a heck of a lot cheaper than $140 *minimum* each!"

On the way home today I passed by this little machine shop I go by every day and never really paid any attention to it. They had some pipes sitting outside they where making mounting flanges for and :idea: I stopped in to ask them how much they'd charge for something like this. The guy told me he uses a shop in town that laser cuts all the flanges for them. He told me that if I took them a drawing of what I wanted,they'd do 'em in 1/4" plate for probably $15-$20 each! :D Soooo..... let's see here:

$20 X 8 =$160 + cost of grade 8 Nylok nuts and bolts
RS's price--$70 X 4 = $280 + shipping :eek:

Guess who I'm going with? :)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to machine down part of the rim?? How are you going to do that part? Peace