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Ever had one of those days????

Glenn B

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Sometime over the last few days, IE6 would not remember many cookies from
the various sites I frequent. This drove me nuts, as every time I visit, I
would have to log in. Deleting cookies, every fix known to man could not
solve the problem. My computer is slowing down anyhow, so I decided it was
time to reinstall XP.

Did a complete backup to the #2 40gig drive. Then unplugged both hard
drives. Installed a 20gig Maxtor, partitioned it in to two 10gig chunks,
then installed XP again. All is well, so I restore from the backup.
Reboot... will not boot (I expected this), so ran the XP repair.
rebooted.... all of my data and settings where in place. Performance is
back.... all programs worked, no need to reinstall anything.

However, the damned cookies still would not work. Getting frustrated, I set
off in search of how to remove IE6. No dice... but I did do the registry
edits, and reinstalls.... but the reinstall always failed.... kept saying
that IE6 was not signed by Microsoft. Scratching my head, and many hours
later..... and every trick I could find, I gave up. I went looking for an
alternate browser, anything but Nutscrape based junk. I picked up Avant...
nice, I like it. But the damned cookies still did not work right.

So, a little bit ago I tried to reply to a newsgroup post. No luck. Got an
error message that my message was too old. WTF?

I start laughing. I missed the simplest damn thing in the whole world. It
also explained why some of the demo software I was using timed out.

My clock/calendar was showing the year to be 2005. Oh well..... gave me an
excuse to reinstall XP and get my performance back.

Ummm, yeah, everyday that I work on the Jeep is like that... :rolleyes:

Glad you got it fixed
Y'know, it just dawned on me that I had one of those days not too long ago. I was working with my laptop and it kept freezing up and I got really sick of it, so I tried to install the video editing software on my "new" laptop which is an AMD 200mhz processor relic. I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought I'd try it. Well when the computer restarted the display was all kinds of weird colors and a window popped up that said the program had changed some of the windows settings and I would have to insert the win 2000 disk in order to restore them. Well I didn't have the disk, so I just said "ok" and tried to go about fixing the settings myself. A day and a half later I tracked down a pirated copy of win 2000 from a friend(computer had the program to begin with, so I don't think I did anything unethical). Anyway, i reinstall windows and not a damn thing changes. So I'm sitting there and my brother comes up and says "have you played with the contrast settings for the screen at all to see if that fixed it?" Well, I come to find out that the little knob I'd been playing while the software was installing that I had thought was an external volume control was actually the contrast knob, and the only I had to do was turn the knob back to where it used to be. I can't tell you how mad I was at myself:mad: Oh well, live and learn:rolleyes:

DOnt get you started? I'm typing this with my left hand as my middle finger in the right hand us crushed!!! nothing is broken but it huuuurts and the nail is all purple underneath and it's about twice the size it should be...

Go get the finger nail drilled, the feeling is better than ahhhh well the other best feeling in the world :D , well you will feel MUCH better... You have pressure under there, if you have the big enough door knobs you can heat up a paper clip and burn thru the nail too :D :D :D
The blood will should go up about 8ft :D and then ahhhhhhhhhhh..
As for dumb, oh I've had my share, there is nothing worse than 'That Sinking Feeling' in the pit of your stomach.
I remember a few years ago one winter I wanted to get rid of some really old black powder so I dumped it out in the driveway in two a big U, covered about 300ft [5lb keg] and lit it off, man that stuff burns fast like det cord, at any rate it took 2 months for the eyebrows, front hair on my head and mustache to grow back. Thank god the 69 waggoneer was right next to me with 6 inches of snow on the hood, thats what broke my nose.
There are bad days and REALLY bad days...
Drill through the nail yourself, Remi. Get a really small (1/16), new (sharp) drill bit. DO NOT put the bit in a drill. Sterilize it with a lighter. Slowly and gently drill through the nail by twirling the bit with your fingers. Doesn't take long and doesn't hurt. When you get through the nail the blood trapped under the nail will drain and the relieve the pressure and pain.

RichP said:
Go get the finger nail drilled, the feeling is better than ahhhh well the other best feeling in the world :D , well you will feel MUCH better... You have pressure under there, if you have the big enough door knobs you can heat up a paper clip and burn thru the nail too :D :D :D
The blood will should go up about 8ft :D and then ahhhhhhhhhhh..

I think it's kind of late to drill things out LOL..... but I'm curious what where you trying to do with the black powder?? blow up the driveway?
I was attempting to get rid of it in a 'safe manner', thats what we do with leftover 'cheeze' from 4duce rounds and powder bags from the 155 and 8" howitzers, open C4, stuff they do not want turned back in. It is not a good idea to throw stuff like that out, could be a bit rough on the sanitation workers, black powder can be touchy. I never realized what 20 year old 2F black powder acted like, seemed to burn 3 or 4 times faster than normal. The stupid part is, normally I would have stuck 12" of fuse, lit the fuse and walked away, not used a wooden fireplace match, but I was out of fuse, it was the last thing I needed to clean out the workbench, it was a sunday nite, I was in a hurry and one thing led to another and wallah, no eyebrows or mustache. I looked like that guy on the hotel commercial, bright red face. Trip to the ER for burn cream, nose stuffing and a mummy wrap. My boss at bellcore at the time was an Israeli veteran, former tank commander, both wars, etc. He just laughed, said 'Vell, it could haff been worse' and told me that it was not an excuse to miss attending his sons 'brisque'[sp??] kind of a birthday party/circumcision type thing where you eat, socalize and watch a penis trimming... :anon: I didn't know about that last part till we all got called into the living room :eek:
I'm thinking of the expression on his face when the rabbi got out the surgical tools and started trimming :eek:

I saw my own expression on my face when I pulled it out of the snow on the hood of the 69 waggoneer, 2 eyes, mouth, nose and a whole lotta ashes from the eyebrows, mustache and hair. If that snow had not been there it would have been alot worse and lucky I was standing right next to it.

As for the rabbi and the snips, ruined the kinish I was eating and put me off eating onion rings for a while :D