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Eleven Mile Canyon area


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Was in Woodland Park over the weekend looking at houses and stuff and camped in 11 Mile Canyon. Was wondering if anyone is familiar with the area? If you enter the canyon at Lake George and parallel the river, the last road to turn left on (right where the Gold Medal Water starts), specifically. This road winds for about a mile or so and eventually leads up to a ridge. From what I understand, it leads back to 67. I thought it just dead ended up from where I was camped.
I have a 3" lift and 31's. For the most part, I dealt with washboard dirt roads until I got up a little ways from the river where I ran into deeper ruts and off-camber contours (but still mostly dirt). I gotta admit, being solo and never off-roading before, it was fun but also kinda scary. Just curious where this road would rate on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm sure it's probably not even on the scale and I should surrender my keys at once. There were others that were flying down the trail but I'm sure they missed seeing the deer and rabbits, etc. Kinda pissed about the knuckleheads that leave their trash for others to pick up. If I'm driving slow, I might as well pitch in and help out too. I know I have no business driving my XJ. It's cool to know that it could get somewhere pretty isolated. Just wish it came with a free pair of nuts. I still had fun.
I don't know where of your talking about. But I gotta say, "You have to start somewhere." It sounds like a one, but never mind me, I'm a flatlander that wouldn't know a 2+ unless someone guided me to it. :dunno:

Nice that you care enough to help out others that don't (Picking up trash) Too bad people have to do that.

Good luck with the house hunting.

I'm sure that a better answer will come along soon enough, most of these guys here know what they're talking about.

Not sure where you mean, either. 67 is a ways away from Lake George. Should you end up moving up there, there are many great, easy trails around there to get started on. The Tarryall area has a lot of easy ones to get used to wheeling on, too.
I've been in the canyon, but not up the road. The more you use your XJ, the more you will realize just how capable it is. If you had to use 4wd, it might have been a 2. It's all a matter of experience. There's a road that I do in 4-lo and white knuckled, that a good old boy I know does in a full size 2 wd pick up and never notices it. Your hestitancy on the road is what motivates a lot of us to build up our jeeps.