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Ebay question?


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I'm a first time Ebay user. I put up my golf clubs for sale and said that I would take paypal for payment.

Someone just e-mailed me asking if COD would be o.k.
I have never sent anything COD before.
Are there any dangers / disadvantages to sending something COD?
I just want to make sure that I get my money.

Personally I would just take the payment options you said and make sure you're paid for your stuff first. A lot of people just bid and have no intetion on paying. I have had one guy bid and win 3 things from me and never paid and then left some bogus feedback about it.
I have bought and sold a few things on Ebay and would highly recommend you avoid COD payment. My next door neighbor who sells quite a bit of computer stuff on Ebay has been burned quite a few times and has stopped accepting COD. Besides, Paypal or a postal money order are so dang easy to pay with I would be suspect of anyone wishing to pay otherwise.
i agree , avoid COD.. a sale, and a bid for that matter, are each made in good faith but ya never know.. and paypal is so easy to use theres really no excuse not to be registered.. just look into all the details of paypal.. they want you to upgrade to actually make it a convience.. if you have a basic account you CANNOT accept a credit card payment to your account.. then there was something about upgrade so you can MAKE credit card payments from your account.. and there is a spending limit too..... its not all painfully obvious when you go through and fill in the blanks... i suggest you upgrade now, it takes a few days for one step.. good luck on ebay, thats where i got my 87 limited..
I would accept money orders, personal check with item shipped after it clears the bank, cash if they will send it, or paypal.