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E-Torx Head Bolts Holding AW4 On???


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I'm picking up my new (used) tranny in 2 weeks or so and before i go and pull mine out i've heard that there are two torx head bolts on the top, how true is this??? To be more specific i swear i've heard they were something like an E12 and if anyone knows what an E12 looks like it looks like way to small of a bolt head to be holding a tranny on. Can anyone here clue me in as the snap on guy is coming in for the weekly round at work and i'd like to pick up the right sized socket.

They are torx, and they are not that big. I finally got mine out from the top side, buy using a long extension and ratchet through the shifter hole.
if I recall the torx socket is a tad smaller in OD at teh head then it is the actually threaded section . And it's only the top 2. put a hex head in when you put it back together. You'll thank yourself if you ever have to pull it again. It's a B*tch getting a rachet in there.
I found when I did mine that you can lower the tranny crossmember and reach up with about 30 inches of extension to get the top two torx bolts off. I had to also loosen the exhaust. Put a standard 3/8 x 2 backin instead of the torx things.
anyone recall the exact size of the torx head though because i gotta buy the socket and don't wanna end up buying the whole set.


E12 is the size. If you are planning to replace the bolts with regular hex head bolts, you can use a 3/8" 6pt box end wrench with the tranny lowered some. It will round the corners on the torx bolts though.